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    5 [[TOC(Packages/LWIP, depth=2)]]
    8 ''Status:''' No active volunteers.
    10 Current Port:
    12 Update the RTEMS port of LWIP.  Provide reproducible test cases so we can be sure it stays in working condition.
    14 A goal of this effort is to be able to use the standard TCP/IP NIC drivers already in RTEMS.  If this is feasible, then a user could switch between the full-featured BSD TCP/IP stack in RTEMS or the LWIP stack to save memory at the expense of reduced functionality.
    16 The work would have to do :
    17 1 start with current LWIP source
    18 2 update the port for current RTEMS and current LWIP
    19 3 make the port portable across CPU architectures and BSPs (This is usually not as hard as it sounds.)
    20 4 Provide documentation and examples that run on at least
    21 qemu so others can provide feedback.
    22 5 Ideally use the standard BSD NIC drivers if at all technically possible so when you write a driver for one TCP/IP stack, you automatically get it for both stacks in RTEMS.
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