Lua Port and Python Translator



Introduction: Lua is a lightweight, embeddable scripting language. Its code base is around 17,000 lines of code. It was developed to support strong communication between the Lua run-time environment and executing C programs. Python is another popular scripting language. The code base for Python is an order of magnitude larger that that of Lua, which causes problems when trying to port Python to an embedded system. The cause of this comes from the extensive library support that is part of the Python interpreter. This library is a major reason why Python is popular, but does serve as a draw-back here.

Currently, these two languages are not directly supported in RTEMS. The goal of this project is to bring both (or at the very least Lua and a subset of Python) to RTEMS.

Goal: In this project, a Lua library will be added to RTEMS, in order to support run-time scripting. In conjunction with the Lua library, a Python translator will be created. This will allow Python scripts to be executed in Lua without porting Python to RTEMS. Finally, Lua will be modified to provide an environment as an alternative shell in RTEMS.


Resources: Current partial port of Lua can be found here

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