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    1717The upper layer is platform independent and It offers the EDROOM services to the automatically generated code. The lower, on the other hand, is platform dependent and requires the services directly to the RTOS, this is actually the layer ported to RTEMS. It includes only five basic primitive class that must be implemented for every RTOS EDROOM is working atop: Pr_Task, Pr_Semaphore, Pr_Time and Pr_IRQ_Event, Pr_IRQ_Manager.
    19 (more is comming...)
     19The EDROOM service library is Embedded C++ compliant. The use of templates has been eliminated and no multiple inheritance is employed. The exception handling, also, has been established as optional.
     20All the memory management has been redesigned to be statically predefined without the use of dynamic memory allocation. The EDROOM service implements the component message queues from static data pools and emulates their dynamic behavior. The data attached to the messages are also allocated from pools whose dimensions are defined by the user in the behavior view. Both kind of pools are managed in a transparent way for the EDROOM service and it is not necessary the user be worried to deallocated them.
     21The high level primitives exported for the EDROOM service has been reduced to 10 in order to make the modeling task as simple as possible. Finally, the structure view provided a context menu to fix the dimension of each component stack and its message queue.
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