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Stub NewTicket page (landing page for users wanting to create a ticket).

Please Read Before Creating a Ticket!

Thank you for your interest in submitting a bug report! Before you get started please read through this short document to better help us address the issue you will be reporting.

Notice: Before submitting a ticket please try the following two things

  1. View the Bugs? Page
  2. Search for your problem.
    If this search isn't advanced enough for you, then try the Advanced Search.

Required Information

It's not required to fill in all information at the very least these fields are required:

  1. Summary
    • Keep this short and concise to what your problem is.
  2. Description
    • Include as many details of your problem as possible.
    • Platform info (if applicable)
      • Operating System name
      • Version
      • Any other relevant platform information.
  3. Type
    • defect - A bug in the program or documentation.
    • enhancement - A feature request in the software, or addition to the documentation.
  4. Version
    • Set it to the version you're using, if it is the Git? version (not an official release) then set it to master.
  5. Test Cases
    • Where possible, please attach or provide an in-line example that reproduces this problem. Try to make it the least possible amount of code to trigger the issue.

Attaching Files

If you have any external files such as screenshots or examples, please attach these as files to the ticket do not use external hosting, if you use external hosting then our historical record is broken when those files are no longer available.


Some fields should only be set by the developers as it's not always clear what they should be set to feel free to make your own choices.

Submitting a Ticket

In order to submit a ticket you must first register.

As long as you've read this page, then submit a ticket!.

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