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/* Events in 2007 */


Events in 2007

  • 4.7.0 and 4.7.1 released
  • Nanosecond clock granularity added.
  • CPU Usage and Rate Monotonic Period Usage now at nanosecond granularity if supported by the BSP.
  • Requeing when priority of a task is changed and that task is blocked on a priority blocking chain.
  • Significant size reductions in RTEMS code size on tests
  • POSIX Barriers, Spinlocks, and RWLocks added.
  • Classic API Barriers added.
  • First CPU Kit RPMs successfully built!!
  • rtl21xx BSP merged

Events in 2006

  • ADI Blackfin port submitted by Alain Schaefer.
  • Altera NIOS II port submitted by Kolja Waschk.
  • 4.7 branch forked.
  • SPARC LEON3 BSP submitted by Gaisler Enterprises.
  • RTEMS circles Mars and helps unlock secrets of Archimedes manuscript.

Events in 2005

  • Eric Norum of Argonne National Laboratory submits the uC5282 BSP for the Arcturus Networks uC DIMM ColdFire? 5282 board.
  • Radstone EmPower? EP1A which also supports the Radsone Empower PMCQ1 high speed serial and MIL-STD-1553 PMC.
  • GP32 BSP for the GamePark? handheld device submitted by Philippe Simons
  • PCI Bus Unified API completed.
  • IRQ Unified API completed.
  • All PowerPC BSPs except those for 4xx-based boards are using the new exception model.

Events in 2004

  • RTEMS Wiki launched.
  • Motorola MVME2100 sponsored by Eric Norum of Argonne National Laboratory.
  • MVME5500 BSP submitted by Kate Feng of Brookhaven National Laboratories
  • Intec Automation SS555 BSP written by David Querbach of Real-Time Systems Inc. This work was sponsored by the Defence Research and Development Canada - Suffield. He notes that the BSP is largely based on the mbx8xx ports, with some floating-point code from the mpc8260 port.
  • Jay Monkman submitted a number of BSPs for Cogent boards including the ARM-based CSB336 and CSB337, the MC68360-based CSB360, and the MIPS-based (AMD Au1100) CSB350.

Events in 2003

  • NFS client for RTEMS released
  • CEXP released. CEXP is a C-expression interpreter with integrated symbol table access and object file loading.
  • GoAhead? Webserver updated to 2.1.4
  • ncurses updated to 5.3 in RTEMS Add-On Packages

Events in 2002

  • DOS (FAT12, FAT16, FAT32) Filesystem support added
  • ARM port completed and passes networking tests on user board.
  • Till Straumann publishes a latency benchmark comparing RTLinux, RTEMS, and VxWorks?
  • libtecla 1.4.1 ported to RTEMS as part of Add-On Packages
  • GNU readline 4.3 ported to RTEMS as part of Add-On Packages
  • Multicast Dissemination Protocol (MDP) ported to RTEMS
  • NTP-4.1.1a ported to RTEMS
  • GNAT merged into main FSF GCC source repository. This lead to the following activities:

o Released GNAT/RTEMS on SPARC and PowerPC using gcc 3.1. o GNAT/RTEMS on i386 support added with release of gcc 3.2. o GNAT/RTEMS on MIPS support added with release of gcc 3.2.1.

  • Added soft float multilibs on i386-rtems gcc toolset

Events in 2001

  • Existing MIPS port reworked to better support more MIPS variants.
  • MIPS JMR3904 simulator BSP added.
  • Victor Vengerov of Oktet submitted a BSP for the ColdFire? MCF5206eLITE evaluation board.
  • RTEMS Project begins using GNATS to track issues.
  • RTEMS Steering Committee formed.

Events in 2000

  • Binaries for more hosts (Solaris, Cygwin, FreeBSD) and Ada95
  • ARM, Hitachi H8, and Texas Instruments C3x/C4x ports added
  • ncurses 5.2 ported to RTEMS as part of Add-On Packages
  • Reorganization initiated for CPU and BSP Kit.

Events in 1999

  • GNU avl 1.4.0 ported to RTEMS as part of Add-On Packages
  • ITRON 3.0 support added
  • PPPD added
  • General BSP for Motorola Computing PowerPC boards added. This BSP supports VMEbus, CompactPCI, and no-bus boards.
  • C/C++/Java development tool binaries for Linux (RPM and Debian)
  • Initial In-Memory Filesystem (IMFS) support added

Events in 1998

  • Release 4.0.0 with stable POSIX threads and FreeBSD TCP/IP
  • OAR becomes primary distributor of RTEMS
  • Hitachi SH port and Filesystem infrastructure added

Events in 1997

  • Mailing lists established
  • GNAT/RTEMS validated on SPARC/ERC32
  • First support for GNU autoconf and TCP/IP
  • Adopt FSF General Public License with exception

Events in 1996

  • Release 3.6.0 last Army release, first useable POSIX 1003.1b threads support
  • AMD A29K and MIPS ports submitted

Events in 1995

  • Release 3.5.0 includes submitted port to PowerPC
  • Release 3.5.01 adds ESTEC sponsors SPARC/ERC32 port
  • Release 3.2.0 includes two submitted BSPs (IDP and MVME162)
  • Release 3.1.10 includes sponsored port to Hewlett-Packard PA-RISC
  • Project adopts GNU CVS for source code control
  • Initial POSIX 1003.1b support added
  • Documentation converted to GNU TeXinfo?
  • Cygnus gives away floppy with RTEMS source at Embedded Systems Conference

Events in 1994

  • Release 3.1 with multiprocessing added to Ada implementation
  • Available via anonymous FTP from U.S. Army

Events in 1993

  • Release 3.0 includes C and Ada implementations, ships with GNU tools on tape

Events in 1992

  • Release 2.0.1 uses GNU tools only
  • Intel i960 port uses GNU tools, m68k GCC benchmarked
  • First non-Army RTEMS user (SSCL)

= Events in 1991 =

  • Release 1.31 with Intel i960 and Cyclone CVME961 BSP
  • Release 1.30 with heterogeneous multiprocessing

Events in 1990

  • Intel i386 support added including Force FORCE386 BSP
  • First internal U.S. Army Missile Command (MICOM) user

Events in 1988

  • U.S. Army Missile Command requests royalty free, standards-based real-time solution with full source
  • VITA releases RTEID 2.1