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The RTEMS Project has been around a long time. Please add information about what RTEMS features you were involved in, what applications? you fielded, etc. to the timeline. If you have published papers, please add them to the References? page.

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Events in 2012

  • BMW acknowledges Superbike uses RTEMS and allows it to be used in Embedded Brains booth at the Embedded World Show
  • EADS/Astrium gives workshop presentation stating all projects in DE/UK/FR use RTEMS
  • Curiosity lands on Mars with RTEMS

Events in 2011

  • Converted to Git after 17 years of CVS
  • First year in ESA Summer of Code in Space
  • RTEMS orbits moon on-board ARTEMIS
  • OAR is a sponsor of the Flight Software Workshop

Events in 2010

  • Launched with Solar Dynamic Observatory
  • RTEMS File System (RFS) added for NASA MMS
  • Tyco acknowledges some products use RTEMS. Products shown at Embedded World.

Events in 2009

  • Herschel and Planck launch with RTEMS running the flight computer.
  • 4.9.2 and 4.9.3 released
  • Thanks to the Google Summer of Code 2008, two quad processor computers have been added to RTEMS lab. They are identical and running Fedora x86_64. These are the foundation of the RTEMS Build Farm. They are to be used for tool testing, tool binary building, and automated testing. As of November 2009, the RTEMS Build Farm is now being used to produce:
  • RTEMS included in Google Summer of Code 2009. We had six students and used the Google donation combined with a donation from OAR Corporation to sponsor a seventh student directly. Information at
  • RTEMS Work Out at
  • The Google Summer of Code e2009 Mentor's Summit was highly productive. Highlights included:
  • Continued improvements to RTEMS Shell including ports of more commands from BSD including ls, dd, and hexdump.
  • Mongoose HTTPD Merged
  • Simple HTTPD Merged
  • GNAT/RTEMS Development Environment on Fedora 12 LiveDVD featured at SigAda 2009 tutorial on embedded systems.
  • 4.10 improvements including significant clean up of BSP initialization code resulting in the ability to support Unified Workspace.

Events in 2008

  • 4.9.0 and 4.9.1 released
  • 4.8.0 and 4.8.1 released
  • 4.7.2 and 4.7.3 released
  • GCC C, C++ and Ada test results reported from GCC Compile Farm
  • RTEMS participates in Google Summer of Code 2008
  • Remote access to RTEMS Laboratory at OAR Corporation available.
  • BSP Initialization Framework improved and unified C Program Heap and RTEMS Workspace now configurable
  • Minimum executable now approximately 15K on ARM/Thumb. Minimum executable size is BSP and architecture dependent but generally can be 15-40K.
  • Can configure maximum number of priorities with 16 being the lowest option.
  • Lattice Micro32 port added
  • Renesas M32C port added
  • Renesas M32R port added
  • LPC2478 BSP added
  • gen83xx BSP added

Events in 2007

  • 4.7.0 and 4.7.1 released
  • Nanosecond clock granularity added.
  • CPU Usage and Rate Monotonic Period Usage now at nanosecond granularity if supported by the BSP.
  • Requeing when priority of a task is changed and that task is blocked on a priority blocking chain.
  • Significant size reductions in RTEMS code size on tests
  • Addition of multiple tests combined with some code refactoring improves code coverage.
  • POSIX Barriers, Spinlocks, and RWLocks added.
  • Classic API Barriers added.
  • First CPU Kit RPMs successfully built!!
  • rtl21xx BSP merged

Events in 2006

  • ADI Blackfin port submitted by Alain Schaefer.
  • Altera NIOS II port submitted by Kolja Waschk.
  • 4.7 branch forked.
  • SPARC LEON3 BSP submitted by Gaisler Enterprises.
  • RTEMS circles Mars and helps unlock secrets of Archimedes manuscript.

Events in 2005

  • Eric Norum of Argonne National Laboratory submits the uC5282 BSP for the Arcturus Networks uC DIMM ColdFire? 5282 board.
  • Radstone EmPower? EP1A which also supports the Radsone Empower PMCQ1 high speed serial and MIL-STD-1553 PMC.
  • GP32 BSP for the GamePark? handheld device submitted by Philippe Simons
  • PCI Bus Unified API completed.
  • IRQ Unified API completed.
  • All PowerPC BSPs except those for 4xx-based boards are using the new exception model.

Events in 2004

  • RTEMS Wiki launched.
  • Motorola MVME2100 sponsored by Eric Norum of Argonne National Laboratory.
  • MVME5500 BSP submitted by Kate Feng of Brookhaven National Laboratories
  • Intec Automation SS555 BSP written by David Querbach of Real-Time Systems Inc. This work was sponsored by the Defence Research and Development Canada - Suffield. He notes that the BSP is largely based on the mbx8xx ports, with some floating-point code from the mpc8260 port.
  • Jay Monkman submitted a number of BSPs for Cogent boards including the ARM-based CSB336 and CSB337, the MC68360-based CSB360, and the MIPS-based (AMD Au1100) CSB350.

Events in 2003

  • NFS client for RTEMS released
  • CEXP released. CEXP is a C-expression interpreter with integrated symbol table access and object file loading.
  • GoAhead? Webserver updated to 2.1.4
  • ncurses updated to 5.3 in RTEMS Add-On Packages

Events in 2002

  • DOS (FAT12, FAT16, FAT32) Filesystem support added
  • ARM port completed and passes networking tests on user board.
  • Till Straumann publishes a latency benchmark comparing RTLinux, RTEMS, and VxWorks?
  • libtecla 1.4.1 ported to RTEMS as part of Add-On Packages
  • GNU readline 4.3 ported to RTEMS as part of Add-On Packages
  • Multicast Dissemination Protocol (MDP) ported to RTEMS
  • NTP-4.1.1a ported to RTEMS
  • GNAT merged into main FSF GCC source repository. This lead to the following activities:

o Released GNAT/RTEMS on SPARC and PowerPC using gcc 3.1. o GNAT/RTEMS on i386 support added with release of gcc 3.2. o GNAT/RTEMS on MIPS support added with release of gcc 3.2.1.

  • Added soft float multilibs on i386-rtems gcc toolset

Events in 2001

  • Existing MIPS port reworked to better support more MIPS variants.
  • MIPS JMR3904 simulator BSP added.
  • Port to space hardened Mongoose V added for NASA.
  • Victor Vengerov of Oktet submitted a BSP for the ColdFire? MCF5206eLITE evaluation board.
  • RTEMS Project begins using GNATS to track issues.
  • RTEMS Steering Committee formed.

Events in 2000

  • Binaries for more hosts (Solaris, Cygwin, FreeBSD) and Ada95
  • ARM, Hitachi H8, and Texas Instruments C3x/C4x ports added
  • ncurses 5.2 ported to RTEMS as part of Add-On Packages
  • Reorganization initiated for CPU and BSP Kit.

Events in 1999

  • GNU avl 1.4.0 ported to RTEMS as part of Add-On Packages
  • ITRON 3.0 support added
  • PPPD added
  • General BSP for Motorola Computing PowerPC boards added. This BSP supports VMEbus, CompactPCI, and no-bus boards.
  • C/C++/Java development tool binaries for Linux (RPM and Debian)
  • Initial In-Memory Filesystem (IMFS) support added

Events in 1998

  • Release 4.0.0 with stable POSIX threads and FreeBSD TCP/IP
  • OAR becomes primary distributor of RTEMS
  • Hitachi SH port and Filesystem infrastructure added

Events in 1997

  • Mailing lists established
  • GNAT/RTEMS validated on SPARC/ERC32
  • First support for GNU autoconf and TCP/IP
  • Adopt FSF General Public License with exception

Events in 1996

  • Release 3.6.0 last Army release, first useable POSIX 1003.1b threads support
  • AMD A29K and MIPS ports submitted
  • domain registered

Events in 1995

  • Release 3.5.0 includes submitted port to PowerPC
  • Release 3.5.01 adds ESTEC sponsors SPARC/ERC32 port
  • Release 3.2.0 includes two submitted BSPs (IDP and MVME162)
  • Release 3.1.10 includes sponsored port to Hewlett-Packard PA-RISC
  • Project adopts GNU CVS for source code control
  • Initial POSIX 1003.1b support added
  • Documentation converted to GNU TeXinfo?
  • Cygnus gives away floppy with RTEMS source at Embedded Systems Conference

Events in 1994

  • Release 3.1 with multiprocessing added to Ada implementation
  • Available via anonymous FTP from U.S. Army

Events in 1993

  • Release 3.0 includes C and Ada implementations, ships with GNU tools on tape
  • U.S. Army creates RTEMS Brochure

Events in 1992

  • Release 2.0.1 uses GNU tools only
  • Intel i960 port uses GNU tools, m68k GCC benchmarked
  • First non-Army RTEMS user (SSCL)

= Events in 1991 =

  • Release 1.31 with Intel i960 and Cyclone CVME961 BSP
  • Release 1.30 with heterogeneous multiprocessing

Events in 1990

  • Intel i386 support added including Force FORCE386 BSP
  • First internal U.S. Army Missile Command (MICOM) user

Events in 1988

  • U.S. Army Missile Command requests royalty free, standards-based real-time solution with full source
  • VITA releases RTEID 2.1
  • SP01 (a.k.a ticker) sets the date and time to 9:00pm on December 31, 1988. Since we have no precise idea when the first line of RTEMS code was written, we are treating this early timestamp as the birthdate of RTEMS. 1988 is the epoch of the Classic API and coincides with the first year of the project.