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RTEMS Mentors

Participating with a new project can be hard, but many of the RTEMS developers are willing to volunteer their expertise in helping new developers become the next generation of experts. This page lists some of those who are willing to mentor projects. New students should feel free to contact mentors on this list when just starting out to get help with your first patch or to inquire about a specific project.


This is probably not an all inclusive list of who has offered to be an RTEMS mentor. If you are a potential mentor please add yourself and add more details on your user page if desired. Students should use this list to get familiar with who might be available to assist in planning, proposing, and completing an RTEMS project. Next to some mentors names is their nick on IRC.

  • Joel Sherrill (DrJoel) - I am one of the original RTEMS developers and have been the project maintainer for over 10 years.
  • W. Eric Norum - I have been applying RTEMS to large experimental control system applications for over 8 years.
  • Chris Johns (kiwichris) - I have been a user and developer of RTEMS for over 10 years.
  • Ralf Corsépius - I have been a user and developer of RTEMS for over 10 years and am the person providing the RTEMS toolchain rpms.
  • Alain Schaefer - I am a user of RTEMS for 1 year and have ported RTEMS to the bfin architecture. I volunteer to mentor for the Eclipse and the Configuration GUI
  • Thomas Doerfler - I have been a user and developer of RTEMS for about 8 years, mainly for industrial control units.
  • Ray Xu - I have been a user and developer of RTEMS for about 3 years in my spare time for fun. I volunteer to mentor project related to tinyRTEMS, skyeye, USB etc.
  • Alan Cudmore - I have been using RTEMS for satellite flight software applications 10 years. I would like to mentor a student for Raspberry Pi BSP improvements, or other RTEMS runtime improvements or ports.
  • Daron Chabot - I've been using RTEMS in data acquisition systems for about 5 years and I've also been an Eclipse user for about 1.5 years.
  • Aaron J. Grier - I have been using RTEMS for ~8 years to control audiological test equipment.
  • Peter Dufault (dufault) - I've been doing real time work for many years, and with RTEMS for about 5 years in electric motor control systems. I'm particularly interested in control systems.
  • Luis Gustavo Lira - Professor and have been using RTEMS in my data acquisition courses (Master and Undergraduate). I volunteer mentor for BeagleBoard and BlueZ.
  • Gedare Bloom (gedare) - I have been a user and developer of RTEMS since 2009. I have participated in GSOC with RTEMS as both a student and mentor. My main interest is core kernel development. Students can feel free to contact me directly.
  • Julien Delange] (juli1) - Use RTEMS since 5 years on different architectures (ARM, PowerPC, SPARC and intel).
  • Cynthia Rempel - RTEMS user and developer since 2011. I ported applications to RTEMS, and work on wiki documentation.

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