GSoC Getting Started

The goal of this page is to help you get RTEMS compiled and running so you can start with the real work.

Please join the users and devel mailing lists and ask questions. Help correct any deficiencies in the code or documentation you spot, including those on the wiki. The ultimate goal of GSoC is to help you become part of the open source community.

Complete the Getting Started Guide for GSoC Contributors

Follow the directions at All prospective contributors should follow the directions, which may still refer to students in some places.

Other targets

If your project requires more of a test environment than what SPARC/erc32 provides, then repeat the hello world steps on the BSP we help you select. If your project involves developing a new BSP, then you may want to run on a BSP from the same target architecture on a simulator. Again we will help you select the BSP.

We are here to help you have a functional RTEMS Development Environment as soon as possible so you can move on to the real project.


Check out the RTEMSSummerOfCode page. Join the Discord and mailing lists. Become part of the RTEMS community. Talk to potential mentors, and check out the open projects on the GSoC Ideas List if you have not already done so. Happy Hacking!

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