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Google Summer of Code 2024

This page is for the contributors who make proposals as well as those who work on projects for RTEMS as part of GSoC 2024.

Contributors' Proposals

Start filling in this table for yourself as soon as possible and update as needed.

Contributor Name Completed Hello Discord Handle Proposal Title Google Docs URL Final Submitted

The columns are to be filled in as follows:

  • The Contributor column is for your name.
  • The Completed Hello column lets us all know whether or not you completed the mandatory Hello World project. Email your proof to Gedare, Joel, and Chris Johns.
  • The nick on Discord column is your handle on Discord. RTEMS folks hang out there with best-effort service.
  • The Proposal Title should be self-explanatory.
  • The Google Docs URL is your proposal in Google Docs that can be reviewed and commented on by mentors. The proposal template should be copied and used as a baseline. This can be shared with mentors for review. Mentors can insert comments for you. You can use this as your Draft Proposal in the GSoC site.
  • The Final Submitted should be set to Yes when you have submitted your Final PDF proposal on the official GSoC site. If you do not submit the final proposal via the Google site, you cannot be considered!

Contributors' Summer of Code Tracking Table

Contributors whose GSoC project is accepted by RTEMS shall fill in a slot with their information in the following table, which helps to centralize SoC Project Management.

Contributor Name Handle Project Link Repository Link on Github Blog Calendar

The columns are to be filled in as follows:

  • The Contributor Name column is for your name.
  • The Handle column is your nickname on Discord.
  • The Project Link is a link to the Wiki page for your project.
  • The Repository Link on Github is a link to the Github repository for your project. It should be a specific repository, not just your github account!
  • The Blog is a link to your blog with entries about your project. It should be updated regularly during the summer.
  • The Calendar is a link to your Google Calendar with milestones and deliverables identified.

Contributor Status Updates

Each contributor has a section below for putting in notes from the weekly Discord meetings.


  • Jan 5: Tracking status page created.