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Beagle BSP: Add FDT based initialization


Mentors: Christian Mauderer, Amaan Cheval, Vijay Kumar Banerjee

Student: Niteesh Babu G S



This project aims to improve the Beaglebone Board Support Package (BSP) in RTEMS by adding a Flattened Device Tree (FDT) based driver initialization. This project intends to refactor many of the drivers to FDT based initialization and also add a FDT based pin muxing subsystem. This will make the BSP more generic, and hence adding support for future board variants becomes easier.

For more information, please refer to the proposal:


To be completed:

  • Implement openfirmware functions into RTEMS.
  • Import beagle pinmux driver from libBSD to RTEMS.
  • Implement a generic pinmux driver into RTEMS.
  • Refactor and test the device drivers in RTEMS.
  • Unify the BSP.


  • TBA