BSP Buildset For EPICS

Project Description

Project Name: BSP Buildset For EPICS

Student: Mritunjay Sharma

Mentors: Chris Johns, Heinz Junkes (EPICS), Pavel Pisa (EPICS), Gedare Bloom.

Original proposal


This project aims to solve this problem and create a vertically integrated BSP Build Set which will be able to create a bootable BSP image with EPICS7+RTEMS 5 that can run in a simulator. RTEMS provides RTEMS Source Builder which is a tool to build packages from source and adding packages like EPICS to the RSB as libraries is called vertical integration. This project will create build sets that stack library dependencies vertically to create a stack. The main goals of this project are to make progress for some low-barrier simulation approaches like qemu/i386, qemu/xilinx_zynq and powerpc/psim used by EPICS community and then later on move to real hardware systems.


1) Adding PTP support 2) Adding netinet(dependency of PTP)


1) Error while building netinet. Working on it currently.

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