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    9090     * Run RTEMS on BBB.
    9191     * Check weather everything is alright with the drivers I located in my repo so far.
     93== Vijay Kumar Banerjee ==
     95* May 27
     96   * Progress so far:
     97        * Completed the I2C adaptation layer work and submitted to devel. The aim was to get the libbsd apps use the RTEMS I2C stack as RTEMS already has the I2C driver nicely supported in the BBB.
     98        * I made a sample application outside of libbsd that uses the RTEMS
     99          API to register the '/dev/i2c-0' bus and then use the FreeBSD ioctl
     100          call to read from EEPROM.
     102   * Questions:
     103            * I have currently kept the the sample app in a separate repository.
     104              What can be the location for such sample apps that use RTEMS API calls?
     105            * Hints from discussion:
     106                * examples-v2.git is the right place to keep such things for now.
     107                * Document the dtb and overlay here :
     108                * Update the Beagle section :                         
     109   * Next up:
     110       * For now I'm waiting for reviews on the submitted patch and will clean up or modify as needed until it gets merged.
     111       * After it's merged, I'll start with porting the lcd drivers from the FreeBSD.