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     1= Add PRU-ICSS loader/driver to RTEMS =
     3'''Student:''' Nils Hölscher
     5'''Mentors:''' Amaan Cheval, Kuan-Hsun Chen, Chris Johns, Sarvesh Patkar
     9''' Development Blog:''' TBA
     11== Introduction ==
     12This Project intends to add the PRU support to RTEMS, using the Beaglebone Black (BBB). The BBB has an Texas Instruments AM3358 SoC [3][4] with an Programmable Real-Time Unit (PRU).
     13The PRU is able to connect to the SoC s i/o within one cycle.
     14This will enable the RTEMS community to develop heavily i/o dependent tasks on the Texas Instruments SoC s with PRUs.
     15For more Information about PRU see [5].
     17== Starting Point ==
     18Since the Beagle Board community already uses the PRU, I will start by trying out their drivers.[1][2]
     19After reproducing these results with the Linux, the drivers have to be ported to RTEMS to reproduce these Results on RTEMS.
     21== Proof of Concept ==
     22Since the PRU is designed to be more predictable than your normal CPU, it is able to access I/O peripherals in a deterministic manner.
     23This behavior will be used to demonstrate that code is running on the PRU and not the CPU.
     24The PRU is able to output a square wave with constant wavelength on the BBB s Pins.
     25The SOC s CPU is not capable of this.
     27== References ==
     28[1] Drivers -
     30[2] PRU guide for BBB -
     32[3] AM3358 TI Documentation -
     34[4] AM335x TI Technical Reference Manual -
     36[5] eLinux Pru Documentation -