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Add GSoC page: BBBFrameBuffer

Add Framebuffer Driver for Beaglebone Black

Mentors: Christian Mauderer, Pavel Pisa, Udit Kumar Agarwal

Students: Vijay Kumar Banerjee

Status: Current status of project. For starting, it should be: Uninitiated.

Introduction: RTEMS has good support for Beaglebone Black through the beagle BSP. The BBB uses tda19988 HDMI Framer to read and configure the HDMI port through I2C bus interface. RTEMS has good support for I2C bus driver for the BBB and hence makes way for the Framebuffer driver to be added to the BSP.

Goal: The project aims at adding the Framebuffer driver support for the Beablebone black BSP, the final goal for this project is to have a working framebuffer console for the BBB.


  • Beablebone Black RevC
  • JTAG Header for BBB
  • JTAG Debugger

Miscellaneous Sections

As the project progresses, you will need to add build instructions, etc and this page will evolve from a project description into a HOWTO.