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Google Summer of Code 2018

This page is for the students who make proposals as well as those who work on projects for RTEMS as part of GSoC 2018.

Students' Proposals

Start filling in this table for yourself as soon as possible and update as needed.

Student Completed Hello IRC Handle Proposal Title Google Docs URL Final Submitted
NAME Yes or No nick on #rtems Project Title Link to Google Docs for proposal (shared with mentors) Yes or No
Braden Elliott Yes braden on #rtems STM32F446RE BSP Yes
ANSHUMAN CHHABRA Yes anshuman23 on #rtems TBD TBD TBD
Amaan Cheval Yes Amaan x86_64 port and BSP Yes
Vidushi Vashishth Yes reachvidu on #rtems Runtime tracing TBD
Vijay K. Banerjee Yes vijayk on #rtems Improve Coverage Analysis Toolset Yes
Udit kumar Agarwal Yes madaari on #rtems Porting SDIO driver and benchmarking Yes
Salil Sirotia Yes salil on #rtems Posix Compliance Yes
Danxue Huang Yes Dannie on #rtems RTEMS Release Notes Generator (ticket: #3314) & RTEMS POSIX User Guide Generator (ticket: #3333) Yes

The columns are to be filled in as follows:

  • The Student column is for your name.
  • The Completed Hello column lets us all know whether or not you completed the mandatory Hello World project.
  • The IRC Handle column is your handle on IRC. RTEMS folks hang out in #rtems on
  • The Proposal Title should be self-explanatory.
  • The Google Docs URL is your proposal in Google Docs that can be reviewed and commented on by mentors. The proposal template should be copied and used as a baseline. This can be shared with mentors for review. Mentors can insert comments for you. You can use this as your Draft Proposal in the GSoC site.
  • The Final Submitted should be set to Yes when you have submitted your Final PDF proposal on the official GSoC site. If you do not submit the final proposal via the Google site, you cannot be considered!

Students' Summer of Code Tracking Table

Students whose GSoC project is accepted by RTEMS shall fill in a slot with their information in the following table, which helps to centralize SoC Project Management.

Student Name IRC Handle Project Link Repository Link on Github Blog Calendar
NAME nick on #rtems Project Wiki Project's Github repo Blog Project Schedule
Udit kumar agarwalmadaari Wiki GithubBlog TBA
Amaan Chevalamaan Wiki GithubBlog Calendar
Vijay K. Banerjeevijayk Wiki GithubBlog Calendar
Vidushi VashishthreachviduWikiGithubBlogTBA
Danxue HuangDannieWikiGithubBlogTBA
Salil SirotiasalilWikiGithubTBATBA

The columns are to be filled in as follows:

  • The Student column is for your name.
  • The IRC Handle column is your handle on IRC. RTEMS folks hang out in #rtems on
  • The Project Link is a link to the Wiki page for your project.
  • The Repository Link on Github is a link to the github repository for your project. It should be a specific repository, not just your github account!
  • The Blog is a link to your blog with entries about your project. It should be updated regularly during the summer.
  • The Calendar is a link to your Google Calender with milestones and deliverables identified.

Student Status Updates

Each student has a section below for putting in notes from the weekly IRC meetings.


  • Jan 5: GSoC 2018 application submitted and tracking status page created.
  • May 16: Held Initial Meeting
    • Set format of meeting
    • Discuss expectations:
      • Participating in IRC and mailing lists.
      • Attendance at weekly meetings and giving status updates on wiki.
      • Posting to Github each day of work.
      • Merging significant pieces of code as they are ready.
      • Providing blog posts every week as you learn new things and achieve milestones.
      • Frequent interaction with your mentor.
      • Maintain documentation as needed for your project, and update any relevant tickets.
      • Do not let yourself be stuck for more than a day on something.
    • Student Updates


  • Jan 5: Signed up as an Org Admin.

Amaan Cheval

Vijay Kumar Banerjee

  • May 16
    • Progress so far :
      • The configuration files for coverage analysis are added.
      • The Coverage analysis is running from the top of the build tree.
      • txt coverage reports show good data .
    • Blockers:
      • The html reports don't show any data.
      • The coverage can't be run from out of the the build treee (the address in score-symbol.ini needs to be updated for that)
    • Current status:
      • working on the gcov support in covoar. currently producing the gcno file by changing the GCC flag and then feeding that to covoar is the next milestone.