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Jul 5, 2017, 4:08:21 PM (4 years ago)
Sichen Zhao



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    229229 * I dicussed with my mentor, tried many ways but still can't figure out. So i send email to mailing list asking for help.
    230230 * Next week, i will focus on fix FDT support issue, wait the reply from mailing list.
     231* July 6
     232 * last week, i solve the FDT support issue, and rtems can boot from u-boot fdt.
     233 * Then i add fdt support for rtems-libbsd, so now libbsd mount device via fdt not nexus on beaglebone black.
     234 * And i add usb and umass support on the top of fdt. So rtems can mount and detect usb device(such as USB disk) via FDT.
     235 * I create rtems fdt patch and libbsd fdt and usb patch, sending to mailing list today for review. Sebastian give me some advices, and i am working on it. And i ask about the bin file in my 2/2 patch, and no one reply.
     236 * Next week, i will working on the advice about fdt and usb patch from mailing list, fix the patch and send to ml for review.
    232238== Aditya Upadhyay ==