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    138138  * to shrink RTEMS'es workspace and make applications fit into memory
    139139  * to write a summary 2-week blog post which will describe how to configure and run RTEMS on top of a HiFive1 board.
     140* June 21: meeting.
     141 * What was done:
     142  * I was going to shrink RTEMS'es workspace, but instead of this me and my mentors decided to try to use RTEMS low ticker examples
     143  * I was able to proceed further but discovered errors during stack initialization. The issues is that my program wants to allocate 0xab817bb3 bytes, though it should allocate only 0x200 bytes. I found out that I have some mistake during the loading: when I try to do: gdb my_application, p rtems_minimum_stack_size, I obtain the legal value of 512 bytes, but after loading to the target I am getting the value of 0xab817bb3.
     144 * The current issues:
     145  * .data section is not properly initialized
     146 * Plans for the next week:
     147  * to check that .data section is properly initialized and reimplement initialization if needed
     148  * to produce a new linker file from template
     149  * since the application doesn't work - it is still needed to write a blog post.
    141151== Tanu Hari Dixit ==