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    184184 * Regarding the i2c patch: my mentor Christian Mauderer had review it and the patch work fine. Now i still waiting for others to review.
    185185 * Next week i will focus on my roadmap about USB driver, i will ported usbss driver and prcm driver to RTEMS, and create a clean patch.
     186* June 21.
     187 * Last week, i solved the interrupt problem on USB: The reason is bsp don't check for the valid interrupt vector range in their bsp_interrupt_vector_disable/enable functions. Every one of them will most likely have a problems if someone tries to use libbsd or the interrupt server.
     188 * I create a patch for solve the irq issue in BBB, Then Sebastian Huber create a patch to solve this issue for all bsps.
     189 * Then i ported am335x prcm(power control module), scm(system control module), usbss and musb usb control driver from FreeBSD, And now RTEMS can detect USB device on BBB.
     190 * At last, i add umass support in nexus-devices.h, So RTEMS can mount and read USB disk on BBB.
     191 * Regarding the i2c patch: has been merged.
     192 * Next week i will create USB patch and send it to mailing list for review. And work on USB dongle driver.
     193 * Joel said i need write a document for using umass support on Beaglebone Black.
    186195== Aditya Upadhyay ==
    187196* May 24:Initial meeting.