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    183183 * i was having problem with newlib, and i was trying to build it using j-newlib script, But after Gedare's suggestion, I am trying to build it using RSB.
    184184 * I will update my blog and after building of newlib, I will write the steps to build the newlib in my blog.
     185* June 7.
     186 * i have sent the patch for inttypes to devel and wait for review again after modification suggested by Joel.
     187 * i am working on libm and trying to use the object file of libm in rtems and will make a test within the testsuites in rtems. But i am not sure libm.a will be accessable in        rtems4.12.
     188 * I am having problem in building the newlib, so I have used another approach. I will apply the patches directly to RSB.
     189 * Next week, I will work on long double complex methods which are not in newlib and rtems.
     190* June 14.
     191 * So far i have completed inttypes.h related methods and made a testsuite named "psxinttypes01" and it is working for rtems.
     192 * As Joel's suggestion, i have to use rtems_init() for all the methods in init.c file resided within psxinttypes01 testsuite.
     193 * I am porting the code of inttypes.h to newlib and need some reformatting, since it is third party code and sent the patches for same to newlib mailing list and need some cross checking.
     194 * I have ported the code of ccoshl.c from freebsd to newlib. patch has been varified and i will push it to my git repo.
     195 * I have to use SVN checkout for each function while porting the code from either freeBSD or netBSD.
     196 * This week, i will work on remaining methods from long double complex library and will port the code and send the patch.
    186198== Spencer Goodwin ==