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    8989* June 7:
    9090  * Fixed the problem of coverage code running with or without the --coverage flag. Submitted patches updating quick-start docs for 4.12 release. Wrote a blog post. Took a detour into rtems-testing repo, tried to fix some build problems and get do_coverage running. At the moment I've started testing with no coverage. I have some reference results for xilinx_zynq_a9_qemu from the RSB built qemu and the Couverture tests all run into qemu.cfg errors. I found 2 problems causing these, there's a GLib warning 'custom memory allocation vtable not supported' that I found some patches to fix from mainline qemu. However they remove malloc tracing to solve the problem so I'm not sure if this is a good solution for our purposes. The other problem is 'qemu: hardware error: gic_cpu_write: Bad offset 100' which I'm looking into at the moment. Next week I'm continuing testing and hopefully start the RSB support.
     91* June 14:
     92  * I got talking to one of the Couverture devs and he pointed me towards a newer stable release that solved all the problems I was talking about last week, so none of the patches are needed now. I was then able to test all 9 common qemu machines that have rtems bsps. Good results for 3 that can be used for RTEMS Tester work and I filed tickets detailing the faults with the others. Wrote a blog post. Read the configuration section of the RSB docs, submitted some fixes. Have a fairly good idea of how the RSB builds work now and I'm starting the RSB qemu switch today.
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