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    151151 * i was having problem with newlib, and i was trying to build it using j-newlib script, But after Gedare's suggestion, I am trying to build it using RSB.
    152152 * I will update my blog and after building of newlib, I will write the steps to build the newlib in my blog.
     153* June 7.
     154 * Last week, i remove the old beagle i2c file in source code, modify my i2c code and send patch to devel.
     155 * And i ported the AM335x USB code file(am335x_musb.c, am335x_prcm.c am335x_usbss.c etc) from FreeBSD to RTEMS-libbsd, and test it. So far the usbss and usbus has already mounted.
     156 * And now i have a odd problem:  when the USB1 as a host and pull the USB1_DRVVBUS pin high. it generate a interrupt, but it stuck and can't go to the interrupt handler function. the interrupt is installed at am335x_musb.c.  i am discuss with my mentor and maybe they can give me some advices.
     157 * Gedare suggested me to ask my problem on mailing list, i will do it if my mentor can fix my problem.
     158 * Next week, i will focus on the problem i meet, and carry on my USB work.
    154159== Spencer Goodwin ==