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    140140 * I will commit the code of inttypes library in my local github repo.
    141141 * Now i am trying to implement maths related library and will make a test for related methods.
     142* May 31.
     143 * I have send the patch for inttypes.h related methods and its tests named as psxinttypes01 within the samples testsuites to devel and waiting to be review.
     144 * After review, what they suggest, i will do the changes in my code.
     145 * Also i will be in touch with my mentors and read others mails on devel, so that i can learn about coding style and conventions.
     146 * This week, I am working on maths related library and at the same time, i will port the code of inttypes.h to newlib.
     147 * i was having problem with newlib, and i was trying to build it using j-newlib script, But after Gedare's suggestion, I am trying to build it using RSB.
     148 * I will update my blog and after building of newlib, I will write the steps to build the newlib in my blog.