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May 31, 2017, 3:23:11 PM (2 years ago)
Sichen Zhao



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    117117 * I get along very well with the mentors, mentors give many advices to me during the project process, they are very enthusiastic.
    118118 * Next week, i will focus on modify i2c patch, at the same time, i will read the USB code in FreeBSD, prepare for second part of proposal.
     119* May 31.
     120 * Absent the meeting for the reason of focus on my paper which deadline is today.
     121 * I modify the i2c patch and send it to RTEMS devel.
     122 * I read the USB code in FreeBSD, especially the AM335x dts file which contains the IRQ vector.
     123 * I found the reason why my USB code can't pull the USB power pin high, and fix it. But there are a new issue occuer, the code seems stuck at somewhere, i think it should stuck at the ISR.
     124 * I write the blog post about my prepare works and I2C driver.
     125 * Next week i will try to solve the USB stuck problem, at the same time, i will keep an eye on the mailing list about my i2c patch.
    120128== Aditya Upadhyay ==