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    8484== Cillian O'Donnell ==
    8585* May 24: So far I have made my way through 2014 SOCIS patches and have been working through python exercises to improve my skills. The next step revives the old SOCIS from 2015, which should produce a temporary setup with rtems-test using Couverture-Qemu and generating coverage reports. Currently the SOCIS 2015 patches are applied: Left to do is 8 files with 20 rejects, currently producing build errors in rtems-tools.
     86*May 31: All SOCIS 2014,2015 patches are now applied and I fixed the initial build errors in covoar. Fixed some runtime errors in rtem-test and got a first run though RTEMS Tester that resulted in 446 invalid tests. All switched to dry-run due to errors in qemu.cfg. That has disappeared this morning by adding --coverage as the last flag. Problems at the moment are, some coverage code seems to run with or without the flag and Invalid path errors for SymbolSets.cfg that covoar uses.Next week I'll continue testing and fixing the runtime errors and if I get some decent test results start comparision with regular qemu for all supported bsps.
    8788== Denis Obrezkov ==