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    8989 * We have finalized on the format for the INI files. Chris already pushed "" in rtemstoolkit and this is taken out from Also the user specific configuration options--we decided we'll have a settings file that would contain user specific details.
    9090 * I will come up with a ReST file as in an official documentation for the new macro files in ini format. I'll also start changing the .mc files.
     92== Sichen Zhao ==
     93* May 24:Initial meeting.
     94 * I am working on first part of my proposal goal: i2c driver
     95 * So far, i have finished the i2c code, now working on create the patch and send to devel to be review.
     96 * I get along very well with the mentors, mentors give many advices to me during the project process, they are very enthusiastic.
     97 * Next week, i will focus on modify i2c patch, at the same time, i will read the USB code in FreeBSD, prepare for second part of proposal.