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    109109* Aug 9:
    110110  * This week was spent mostly going through the issues listed by Chris in the second review. I've fixed everything mentioned. As myself and Joel have filled Chris in on how the process is working, a few other issues have emerged, like cleaning up temporary files in the event of a crash and a possible change of symbol_sets.cfg to INI format. So I've a new list to work on for this week. Also I spent yesterday trying to get rid of the jump-tables being added to the end of symbols in the objdump again.. I have a better check for this now but it still needs some fine tuning. It's had some strange knock-on effect with the a failure of sed to generate the objdump for psxtmclocknanosleep01.exe. I think what I have is mostly right I just have to catch some edge case here.
     111* Aug 16:
     112  * I finally fixed the check to remove the jump tables properly with all branch info left intact, I had to refix the ability of processing multiple symbols sets as I lost that somewhere along the way. I got rid of the covoar config file, it's now command line options. I added rtemstoolkit tempfile support for the objdump files and the signals needed to clean them up in the event of a crash, also I'm using rtemstoolkit execute to generate them now too. I reworked main with try, catch statements to handle errors and  updated the syntax from C to C++. There was talk of loading the symbol tables from the ELF files but honestly I'm just not sure how to integrate that into the system that's there at the moment, I struggled a lot to just get the tempfiles working, I don't think I'll be able to do it by next week. I'm thinking I'll try and clear up any other tempfiles that might be lying around in the event of a crash and then wrap the project up and continue with the ELF files post-GSOC.
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