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Aug 9, 2017, 2:39:51 PM (2 years ago)
Sichen Zhao



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    342342 * It seems that wpa_supplicant is missing the /dev/urandom device. So i dont know if i need import it, and i already asked it on mailing list. And sebastian give me some advices and i will discuss it with my mentors.
    343343 * Next week, i will working on make wpa_supplicant works.
     344* August 9
     345 * last week, i am working on make wpa_supplicant works.
     346 * And wpa_supplicant basically works, but when config WPA via "wpa_supplicant", i can't use shell command and other thread.
     347 * So we need create a command (such as wpa_supplicant_forking) to start wpa_supplicant in a new thread.
     348 * And there are still some odd issues about the new command and i am working on it.
     349 * I also start to write the Work Product Submission blog post, and mentors gives some feedback, and working on it.
     350 * And i am prepare the partial work patch about the openssl lib importing. When i clean it up i will send it to mailing list for review.
     351 * Next week, i will working on make wpa_supplicant works.
     352 * Joel said he would love to see a YouTube video and accompanying howto to brag on RTEMS being able to do this.
    344354== Aditya Upadhyay ==