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    104104* July 19:
    105105  * Not much change in status this week as I was on holidays for most of it. The trace block inconsistent message has been removed as it has been deemed as too restrictive a check and unneccesary. So for this week that leaves the issues Chris mentioned with the merging effort which I am working on right now and the intermittent lock up behaviour.
     106* July 26
     107  * This week I worked on what needs to be changed before merging. I made too many changes to my main branch and broke what I had and couldn't recover. I learned a good lesson, make a branch for every small change, don't merge until fully tested and never break anything that's already working.. :) So I started again and got back to where I was fairly quickly. I fixed almost all the issues mentioned by Chris, added BSD license, remove camelCase, use error class, remove unit tests, move the coverage option out of and in general match the style that is there. I just need to hear back from him about the log output and I'm having trouble getting my global _coverage macro back working without In the mean-time I will look at the covoar lock-up problem, I'm thinking I'll try and attach gdb to the process once I get it to lock-up again and then have a look around. On the plus side of having to start again, the lock-up happens less frequently and the output was cleaned up a bit, so it turned out to be a good thing.
    107109== Denis Obrezkov ==