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    267267 * I just get gedare's reply about dts file, and currently another way is directly add the dtb file in rtems, but this way may not be accepted either.
    268268 * Next week, i will working on the advice about patch from mailing list, fix the patch and send to ml for review.
     269* July 19
     270 * last week, i am working on the encrypted WiFi: WEP and WPA.
     271 * Regarding the WEP: It is easy to implement and i already implemented it, connect the WEP WiFi via shell command: ifconfig.
     272 * Regarding the WPA: It is much harder than WEP. On Linux, BSD, Windows and other OS, WPA is managed by wpa_supplicant software. So we need port wpa_supplicant on RTEMS.
     273 * Currently, we think there are some difficult points during the porting:
     274  * 1. "Big" operating systems like Linux, BSD or Windows clean up when a process terminates. RTEMS doesn't have a process separation (at least not on most targets).
     275Therefore all programs have to take care to free their resources before they exit. The normal way for services is to thoroughly review them for any mallocs that are not freed again and for every open that has no close. So that will be one point of the port. Reviewing the code for resource leaks.
     276  * 2.RTEMS lacks of any memory protection (again: on most targets). That causes problems with every global variable. I'm not sure if it is possible that multiple instances of wpa_supplicant can run at the same time. That might could be necessary for multiple WiFi interfaces. But if it is, we can't have any global variables. So that is the second big part.
     277 * Next week, i will working on the porting wpa_supplicant.
    270278== Aditya Upadhyay ==