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Improve Coverage Analysis Tools

Student: Cillian O'Donnell.

Mentors: Joel Sherrill, Kuan Hsun Chen.

Introduction: This project will switch the RTEMS Source Builder from QEMU to Couverture-QEMU. It will integrate Couverture-QEMU and the scripts driving it into RTEMS Tester framework, converting the BASH scripts to Python. The coverage report tool Covoar written in C++ will then be modified to generate XML output.

Development Blog

-Introduction -Reviving-RTEMS-Tester-Work

Reviving Couverture-QEMU in RTEMS Tester

Previous work: There had been 2 previous student work for SOCIS in 2014[1] and 2015[2]. The series of patches detailed in their blogs are the starting point of this project. As years of development has taken place since their work, not all the patches still applied. When I pieced them back together, there were build errors in Covoar (the RTEMS coverage reporting tool) and its associated files.