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    1414[ Reviving-RTEMS-Tester-Work]
     16[,/testing/2017/06/12/testing-qemu.html Testing-Couverture-Qemu]
     18[,/rsb/2017/06/22/RSB-qemu.html Switching-RSB-to-Couverture-Qemu]
     20= Building Couverture-Qemu with the RSB =
     21The build set for Couverture-Qemu can be found in rsb/bare/config/devel and the command to build it from rsb/rtems is
     23../source-builder/sb-set-builder --log=couverture_qemu_log.txt --prefix=$HOME/development/4.12 devel/couverture-qemu
     26This will build the qemu tools for the currently supported architectures a list of which can be found in rsb/source-builder/config/couverture-qemu-2-1.cfg. The current list at the time of writing is:
     2922 %define qemu_archs arm-softmmu,i386-softmmu,lm32-softmmu,mips-softmmu           
     3023 %define qemu_archs %{qemu_archs},ppc-softmmu,sparc-softmmu
     33There is also a feature to override this list and build the architectures of your choice, if needed for a new bsp maybe. The option is --with-qemu-archs=<arch-you-want-to-build> which is passed in the command line argument to invoke the RSB
     36../source-builder/sb-set-builder --log=couverture_qemu_log.txt --prefix=$HOME/development/4.12 --with-qemu-archs=ppc-softmmu devel/couverture-qemu
     39This would build ppc-softmmu only and place it in your prefix location.
    1641= Reviving Couverture-QEMU in RTEMS Tester =
    1742'''Previous work:''' There had been 2 previous student work for SOCIS in 2014[1] and 2015[2]. The series of patches detailed in their blogs are the starting point of this project. As years of development has taken place since their work, not all the patches still applied. When I pieced them back together, there were build errors in Covoar (the RTEMS coverage reporting tool) and its associated files.