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POSIX Compliance

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Student: Aditya Upadhyay.

Mentors: Joel Sherrill, Jennifer Averett.

Introduction: POSIX Compliance allows us to port the source code that is running on one machine, can be run on other machine. This Project deals with the implementation of a subset of functions that is defined in POSIX 1003_1 standard, Due to physical resource constraints some real time systems like small embedded system needs limited set of operating system functionality. For these type of system it is necessary that the standards allow implementation to support only a particular subset of POSIX functions. Real Time Working Group addressed these subset of function. POSIX profiles defined in FACE technical Standards, designed for avionics system versus POSIX in RTEMS where some functions are missing. These missing function need to be implemented. For the same I will use FreeBSD, NetBSD , POSIX 1003_1 as reference and IEEE std 1003.1 ™-2008. I will integrate these implemented function to Newlib.

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