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Beagleboard BSP projects

Student: Sichen Zhao.

Mentors: Christian Mauderer, Punit Vara.

Related Open Project Tickets: ticket #2891: Beagleboard BSP projects

Introduction: This project aims to improve the Beaglebone Black BSP support on RTEMS. Project intends to add the following supports to the Beaglebone Black BSP: I2C support, USB device support, Wireless network card support, USB dongle support.

Requirements: This project requires some familiarity with the RTEMS and FreeBSD codebase, low level programming in C and some hardware knowledge.

Git Repository

Formally Submitted Project: GSOC 2017 BBB Project

Daily Informal Code Submit Of RTEMS: Daily Informal Code

Daily Informal Code Submit Of RTEMS-libbsd: [TBA]

Project Test Application: Test Application

Previous Work of Network Card Porting: Network Card Porting

Previous Work of Porting ION-DTN Stack: ION-DTN Porting


Chinese Blog


Google Blogger

Project Introduction

Building Toolchain

Building Toolchain

Compiling RTEMS for Beagleboneblack

Building Image file and dd to SD card

Developed I2C driver for BBB