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Beagleboard BSP projects

Student: Sichen Zhao.

Mentors: Christian Mauderer, Punit Vara.

Related Open Project Tickets: ticket #2891: Beagleboard BSP projects

Project Proposal: Beagleboard BSP projects: Improvement of I2C, USB and wireless BSP for Beaglebone Black

Introduction: This project aims to improve the Beaglebone Black BSP support on RTEMS. Project intends to add the following supports to the Beaglebone Black BSP: I2C support, USB device support, Wireless network card support, USB dongle support.

Requirements: This project requires some familiarity with the RTEMS and FreeBSD codebase, low level programming in C and some hardware knowledge.

Git Repository

Formally Submitted Project: GSOC 2017 BBB Project

Daily Informal Code Submit Of RTEMS: Daily Informal Code

Daily Informal Code Submit Of RTEMS-libbsd: RTEMS-libbsd

Project Test Application: Test Application

Previous Work of Network Card Porting: Network Card Porting

Previous Work of Porting ION-DTN Stack: ION-DTN Porting


Chinese Blog


Google Blogger

Project Introduction

Building Toolchain

Building Toolchain

Compiling RTEMS for Beagleboneblack

Building Image file and dd to SD card

Developed I2C driver for BBB

The idea of transplanting USB wireless network card to RTEMS

RTEMS Network Adapter Porting - network shell command introduction and enable

RTEMS Network Transplantation - rtems system initialization process analysis

RTEMS USB development roadmap

The issue about RSB building

RTEMS network driver port-MDIO communication

Fix the issue about RTEMS-libbsd interrupt install failed

RTEMS-libbsd generates drive device firmware

Implemention of RTEMS FDT support for BBB

Implemention of RTEMS-libbsd FDT support for BBB

RTEMS USB support for BBB document

Add USB dongle rtl8188eu support for RTEMS-libbsd on BBB BSP

Add WEP encrypted WiFi support for RTEMS-libbsd on BBB BSP

Add Copy headers support for RTEMS-libbsd(Christian Mauderer's work)

Add openssl lib support for WPA on RTEMS-libbsd

Import WPA from FreeBSD

Port WPA supplicant to RTEMS-libbsd

Add wpa_supplicant_fork command on RTEMS-libbsd

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