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    120120* June 15: I am patching a minimal rock configuration for rtems now .It would have rtt,typelib,orogen,and rock base packages.It is taking some time because rock is complicated and I have to reapply each and every patch again.I am now in rtt. Hopefully I will be able to finish before mid term evaluation.
     122* June 22: I have started patching RTT. Majority of patches are present only to allow static building of RTT. However most of the hunks are failing.I have to rewrite and update every patch again.
     124* June 29: I am still patching RTT.Thomas Roehr from Rock suggested that I reapply each and every patch again.Its taking time because the old patches are not of much help and RTT is huge.
     126* July 6: I have nearly finished building RTT. There are still a few errors. Except PLuginloader.cpp of RTT all other parts could be built for RTEMS.Since it took so much time. I have decided to add a recipe to RSB as soon as I could build an executable on it.
     128* July 13: I have finally built RTT for RTEMS ( and to test RTT I have decided to write a small RTT component and build it using rtems-4.11-g++.
     130* July 17: The initial tests on RTT have given rise to errors.I cannot use the original code generators for it as Rock does not use I wrote a small component in C++ to test it.Also I got confused about using RTT Deployer to run my component.Deployer requires the component to be a library but I have to build an executable for RTEMS Qemu.
     132* July 20: In the process of building an executable there were a lot of errors in particular linking problems.I had patched RTT for static building.The static build was successful but most of the libraries suggest a misssing DSO hand.Thomas Roehr suggested I use -static flag to build it,but to no effect.I am trying to find the reason for it.Meanwhile i have also started working on a RSB recipe for RTT.
    122135== Vivek Kukreja ==
    123136* May 25: In my first deliverable I will modify the code for capturing user extensions and trace-buffering to obtain respective traces in CTF format. For trace-buffering I've made changes to the trace linker to produce CTF metadata and buffering functions to produce CTF bitstream. I'm currently working on capture engine code to translate user extension traces to CTF.