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    8585* June 1: I have resolved previous errors in building the drivers. So now the bcm283x_dwcotg driver compiles along with testsuits. Now I tried running the testsuits, it just shows "nexus0: <RTEMS Nexus device>"  and hangs. Also, if I plug-in any usb device to Raspberry pi they are not getting powered on. I asked Yurii, he worked on the same problem last year, but he doesnt remember much about the errors or issues, however I have taken care whatever he has mentioned in his blog. RPI can't work with qemu according to [ this] issue. So only option left is JTAG debugger. Which I have ordered but that would take about a week to get shipped to my place.
    8686* June 8: As per the previous update I am stuck at the point where the testsuits are compiling but not running on the raspberry pi hardware. I had a few options to proceed with JTAG debugger and QEMU. JTAG debugger which I had ordered has come today so I will start working on that asap. I built the testsuits for arm/realview-pbx-qemu and ran them on qemu. I am trying to debug the issue using other BSP which supports QEMU.
     87* June 15: This week I tried to run JTAG. And came to know that there is already some [ problem] of JTAG with raspberry pi. So I was not able to use JTAG for debugging purpose. I should have done some more research before buying the JTAG. That could have saved a lot of my time. So, now the only option left for me to debug the problem is putting printf statements in all the code which I added. Using this approach I have narrowed down the problem till some extent. The program hangs in one of the ofw bus status call. While adding the code from freebsd I had to add many files due to compilation errors. Now my plan is to add all the file one by one, analyse all the errors causing it and debug.
     88* June 24: I have successfully ported the bcm283x_dwcotg driver for the Raspberry Pi. I ran init0 test on my Raspberry Pi Model 1/B+. Driver loaded successfully without hanging. Changes can be seen [ here]. Apart from that I am getting error in mailbox functions (failed to set power state, err=-2). As far as I know Pavel and Mudit are looking into this problem. I will start working with them for the same. I can not move to next part before solving this. Also, I gave the work done till now for code review.
    8890== Wonjun Hwang ==