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    9696* May 25 : My first deliverable is to provide SD card support for the RPi BSP. The code has already been ported to rtems-libbsd, however it has to be tailored to RPi by adding the quirks and logics unique to the SD host controller on RPi.I have cherry picked two commits from Andre's branch and I have built rtems-libbsd using waf. I had initial errors of redefinition however they were resolved.I would be going through the present implementation of the driver in FreeBSD using the FreeBSD documentation to learn/understand what are the different APIs that are used in the driver, how it interacts with SD host controllers, and the general driver interface that is provided to the user.
     98* June 1 : I have done a basic port of the SD card driver. Initially a lot of code was ported, however as per the suggestions provided I have modified the code as per the guidelines mentioned in libbsd.txt and also trimmed down on what was not required explicitly.
     100* June 8 : I acquired a RPi Model B as I had a RPi 2 initially and started testing on the same. The SDHCI and DMA controllers appear on nexus0. I would be requiring a DOSFS to test the functionality of the driver. For this I was looking at the testsuites provided in both the bsd tree as well as the RTEMS tree [ /testsuites/fileio ].
     102* June 15 : I have a basic application prepared which initializes a DOSFS which will be required for the testing. Presently, I am stuck at using the Mailbox code that Yang had ported for the Framebuffer Operations, I require that for setting the power state.
    98105== Sambeet Panigrahi ==
    99106* May 25: As per my proposal the first deliverable  is an easy to use Autoproj version of Rock building on RTEMS with appropriate tutorials to guide the user.I am now updating all the old scripts with newer versions of softwares.Till now I have replaced the traditional makefiles of RTEMS with building enabled by RSB. My next task is to update the Rock dependencies.I am going to cross compile OmniORB package now which is to be ported on RTEMS.