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    9393* May 25: As per my proposal the first deliverable  is an easy to use Autoproj version of Rock building on RTEMS with appropriate tutorials to guide the user.I am now updating all the old scripts with newer versions of softwares.Till now I have replaced the traditional makefiles of RTEMS with building enabled by RSB. My next task is to update the Rock dependencies.I am going to cross compile OmniORB package now which is to be ported on RTEMS.
     95* June 1: This week I had health issues so could not work more. I however have patched eigen and omniORB.I am not updating the other dependencies and rather using the previous version from archives to fast track my project. Once I have a working baseline then I can update the dependencies.Next in line is libxml and xerces.
    9597== Vivek Kukreja ==
    9698* May 25: In my first deliverable I will modify the code for capturing user extensions and trace-buffering to obtain respective traces in CTF format. For trace-buffering I've made changes to the trace linker to produce CTF metadata and buffering functions to produce CTF bitstream. I'm currently working on capture engine code to translate user extension traces to CTF.