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    8080== Deval Shah ==
    8181* May 25: My first task is to add USB root hub support. For that, I need USB DWC OTG drivers and hardware specific drivers (for bcm283x) in the right place. USB DWC OTG drivers are already there in the codebase. To continue with Yurii's last year's work, I cherry picked his commits for USB roothub drivers and merged it to the current version of rtems-libbsd. Default testsuits which are related to networking are having compilation/linking errors. Later I realised that the driver (bcm283x) itself is not compiling. So I will now read the documentation regarding adding drivers in rtems-libbsd. That should help me to verify the code or if required write that from scratch. I should be able to add the hardware specific driver before the next status update.
     83== Wonjun Hwang ==
     84* May 25: I am working to execute initial version of Jailhouse for x86 with instructions in Git. To install jailhouse, I am using VMware with Ubuntu 14.04.4-amd64 and QEMU.