Raspberry PI USB and Ethernet Support


André Lousa Marques, Ray Xu, Kuan, Alan C


Deval Shah


This project aims to improve the Raspberry PI BSP support on RTEMS. Project intends to add the following supports to the Raspberry PI BSP: USB device support, basic HID support (keyboard/mouse), networking (Ethernet driver and lwIP integration). Adding USB and Ethernet support to one of the most widely used development boards, Raspberry PI, makes RTEMS more attractive for the user community.

Project Description

RTEMS hardware support for Raspberry PI is elementary. The users have limited capabilities available for them to work with. This project aims to provide the most basic input/output interfaces through USB and Ethernet support. Ethernet support for Raspberry PI is directly linked with USB support, as Ethernet card in Raspberry is implemented on USB. My project will bring following things to RTEMS Raspberry PI BSP:

  1. USB Root hub support using libBSD (USB hardware implemented in RPi CPU)
  2. USB HID support (mouse and keyboard)
  3. USB Ethernet driver
  4. lwIP port to RTEMS. lwIP will be built as a package inside RTEMS source builder.


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