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Strong APA SMP Scheduling


Joel Sherrill, Sebastian Huber, Kuan, Cyrille Artho


Darshit Shah


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  • Mentor: Joel Sherrill (Scheduling Simulator)
  • Mentor: Sebastian Huber (Scheduler Implementation)
  • Algorithm
  • Trac Ticket #2510


  • who helped and did work


  • Fixing sched_sim and bringing it in synch with master
  • Drafting the design for implementing the algorithm


Existing RTEMS Priority SMP Scheduler supports Arbitrary Processor Affinities (APA) to allow the application program to instruct RTEMS to schedule a program on only a subset of the available processor cores. However, the existing implementation as it is, requires multiple traversals of the task set and is extremely inefficient. This project aims to add a new scheduling policy that augments the existing priority scheduler with Strong APA semantics in a more efficient manner.

Strong APA Scheduling


Scheduler Simulator


This section lists the assigned trac tickets and tasks without trac tickets that need to be completed

  • Bring sched_sim back in synch
    • Test existing impl. for strong APA semantics
    • Write tests for new impl. with strong APA semantics
  • Identify ways to profile scheduler code for performance
  • Write draft design doc for implementation of scheduler


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