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RTEMS file descriptors and LwIP integration

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Pavel Pisa ,Chris Johns,Hesham


Sai Charan Sane


lwIP (lightweight IP) is a widely used open source TCP/IP stack designed for embedded systems.Many embedded devices does not have enough RAM to run complete BSD stack. So LwIP is designed with minimal resources requirements to use in Embedded systems. This project is an attempt to make RTEMS fully compatible with current version of LwIP .


There are some standard TCP/IP drivers already available for RTEMS. This project uses these drivers with integrated older BSD stack port. These used on small devices can/should be ported to LwIP based stack so that user could switch between the full-featured BSD TCP/IP stack in RTEMS and the LWIP stack to save memory at the expense of reduced functionality. Following work should be done

✦ Study the current LwIP source and existing LwIP RTEMS ports

✦ update the port for ​current RTEMS and ​current LWIP

✦ enhance port to be usable for more different CPU architectures and BSPs

✦ Interconnection to Newlib socket() call

✦ Try to adapt RTEMS included telnet and TFTP to run above LwIP based handles

✦ Provide documentation and tests