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    9898* July 28: Yesterday I have posted in the devel ml the v2 of the GPIO patch set for RTEMS and the Pi. In the meantime I have an initial port of my I2C Pi code to the linux I2C framework, which I am testing and ironing out some issues. I say initial port because the new API allows for a number of small features that libi2c did not have such as the mangling functionality (i.e.: ignoring acknowledgement for certain messages), sending multiple messages (each may include several data packets) without start conditions in between and such. The device driver I have for my I2C testing device has also been ported to use the new framework's device API so the work can be tested. SPI is mainly waiting for the GPIO to get in, and I hope to have a go at the SD card during the weekend.
     100* August 4: The Pi I2C bus driver is working with the linux framework, and the SPI code cleaning is almost done. Regarding the SD card the plan is to use the rtems-libbsd SD/MMC driver for the SD/MMC stack, and interface it with the Pi EMMC module to have access to the SD card. The interfacing with the EMMC module will be based on the work I did previously at the university.
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