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    166166* June 23: Most of the testsuites passed successfully. We are able to transfer files using ftpd. We are able to telnet to the machine and execute commands. Other tests also passed successfully. Tests that yet to be tested are foobar client/server. Some tests that does nor depend on networking like media01,usb01 are skipped. ARP, PING, DHCP, FTP, TFTP are all tested and working. I will be preparing the patch and sending it next week.
     168* June 30: Created patch for the ethernet driver and RTEMS workarounds and submitted to devel. Few comments were given and they are addressed. Sebastian suggested that it is better to fix the cache issue in driver instead of disabling the cache completely. I started to debug why cache needs to be disabled to make networking work.
     170* July 7: I continued to debug the cache issue. The ALE entries are corrupted and random values are getting added to the ALE. The frame received on the peer end shows that packets are received from this corrupted entries. Sebastian suggested to check if_cgem driver to see how cache operations are done there. I made similar changes to flush/invalidate cache during tx/rx operations. I also made the memory used non-cacheable. But it did not give the desired result.
     172* July 14: I continued debugging of cache issue. I could not get any significant break through.   Cache flush/invalidate did not solve the issue.So it is decided to start on porting lwip to RTEMS. Since we may face similar issue there, we can progress on lwip and debug the cache issue combined with both the stacks.
     174* July 21: I worked on porting of lwIP to RTEMS. I explored the lwip stack and understood its internals. I also read about what support an OS must provide and what are the changes needed. Then I built the lwip port and created a library. Then, I  studied RTEMS resource builder & understood how third party packages are built using RSB. I created config and bset file for lwip using ntp as reference.
     176* July 28: I was trying to run an RTEMS application based on lwip stack. I read about how to write application for lwip. I am understanding what are the basic services that needs to be enabled in RTEMS for an lwip app to run like what are the essential "CONFIGURE_" options that need to be enabled.On the cache issue side, I narrowed down the issue to TX part. After we start DMA on the transmit side, the corrupted ethernet frame is sent. I deleted the junk entries before transmitting. But after we transmit, the random entries are created by the DMA operation.
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