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    186186* July 21: Currently implementing the SD/MMC interface.  I am focusing first on the SD card interface and since the interface to SD and MMC are quite similar, implementing MMC is not far off.  In order for the AM335x to connect to the SD card and perform communications, the SD/MMC/SDIO subsystem has to be initialized appropriately.  As a result the controller that will handle communications between the AM335x and SD card must have the timing and protocol configured properly.  For my reference in setting up the SD controller on the AM335x and to understand what is required to interface with an SD card I am using the AM335x TRM, Section 18 "Multimedia Card (MMC)", Physical Layer Simplified Specification Version 2.00, and SD Host Controller Simplified Specification Version 3.00.
     188* July 28: The interface to the SD card is mostly implemented, just need to clean up the implementation before finally integrating the SD interface functionality with the main BBB port.  I am currently working on the MMC interface in order to interact with the onboard eMMC.  I will still be using the AM335x TRM, Section 18 "Multimedia Card (MMC)" for my reference in addition to JEDEC JESD84-A441 eMMC-Card Product Standard specification.  Once I finish the SD and MMC interface, I will be pursuing Ethernet and then implementing the mechanisms in uMon to do a TFS-less boot.
    188190== Sujay Raj ==