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Jul 10, 2015, 7:10:33 AM (4 years ago)
Jarielle Catbagan

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    176176* June 30: The patches that I recently submitted creates the base directory for the BBB port, cleans up the uMon sources as well resolving the build process, and provides the first run of removing any irrelevant code and replacing it with those that are specific to the BBB/AM335x.  These patches are finally merged in to the uMon master branch at the RTEMS git repos.  Furthermore, uMon is now building with the RTEMS tools and this is the first step in providing a more controllable and verifiable way of building uMon.  The necessary files are finally incorporated into the uMon master branch that removes uMon's external dependence on the C library provided with the RTEMS toolset.  The next step is to get uMon to boot from a uSD and to push the initial version of DDR3 initialization to the Github repo.
     178* July 7: UART0 initialization was integrated.  As a result uMon can now boot from uSD.  A script was created to automate the process of setting up a bootable SD card to boot uMon using either "raw" or FAT mode.  Documentation was added in the BBB port to elaborate the process of how exactly an SD card is set up for either "raw" or FAT mode boot.  Patches that incorporate these additions and files were submitted and have been merged.  Development on DDR3 initialization has been occurring simultaneously, hence the next task is to get the DDR3 initialized properly for normal operation.
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