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Jul 4, 2015, 1:47:41 PM (4 years ago)
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    102102* June 16: This week, I compiled the waf version and got to see what the output of the gui is supposed to be - creating the config.cfg file which is later used for waf configure. Started work on the gui. The outlay of menus are done and can be found [ here]. This week I plan to include tabs and other panels and complete the 'looks' of the gui. Currently Amar is creating functions that gets/sets the options. Once we both are done with our individual parts, I will incorporate the gui with these functions (in the event handlers) to get the expected version of the gui.
     104* June 23: The 'looks' of the GUI is ready. Using functions Amar has coded, I am able to fetch all the options. Now working on creating Panels for displaying just the Boolean options. Will incorporate this into the GUI once it is done.
     106* June 30: GUI supports Boolean and Integer options with event handlers for Reset Button and the specific radio buttons/spin controls. Next will be to include String and StringList options. Also will change the tabs to be based on groups and not types.
    104107== Saurabh Gadia ==