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    8888* June 23: This week I have posted patches for review regarding the RTEMS GPIO API and its rpi implementation. I have also been gathering more references/documentation to help in the I2C porting (by what I have seen only the xilinx bsp currently uses the new I2C framework). At this time I am correcting the issues/suggestions pointed on the GPIO API, and intend to send a new version of the patches tomorrow/thursday. I should have documentation (developer/user manual and/or blog/wiki page) posted this week. The I2C work can start right after, and at this point I am not expecting much trouble, but if it does I will post any problem on the ml regarding the new framework.
     90* June 30: I have been addressing the issues/suggestions noted on the GPIO API, and am at this point writing my midterm report, which details the current state of the GPIO API. One of the reasons for this delay is a problem with the generic_isr that arised when I changed the pin state data structure, which for some reason causes a crash for no aparent reason when the application uses interrupts (e.g.: just adding a new field to the struct causes a crash when the rtems interrupt handler is called). For now I have put a dummy rtems_chain_control which is not needed, but by having it there I can continue the work, so until now I have ignored it but in the next days I will have to address it.
    9092== Anand Krishnan Prakash ==