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    167167* June 23: A set of patches were submitted recently on umon-devel@ that fix up the BBB port as well as the main Umon sources to allow Umon to be built successfully.  Another set of patches were also submitted that removed and replaced any irrelevant code in the BBB port.  The Umon command line has been reached, but functionality is still limited.  Executing some of the commands results in a data abort exception and after a substantial amount of debugging, the root cause of the problem has been determined.  A multitude of solutions were proposed and formulated, but the best solution is to transition to using the RTEMS compiler instead of the default arm cross-compiler toolset that is used to build Umon.  This transition will not only provide the possibility of eradicating the issues we were facing, but also to prevent any issues and complexities that could arise if we chose to transition to the RTEMS toolset later on.  Expanding on the premise stated, one thing to note about this transition is that it is an attempt to see if the issues regarding the data abort exception would be rectified.  As a result, I will now look into getting the Umon sources to be built using the RTEMS toolset.  Once Umon can be built using the RTEMS toolset, a patch will be developed to reflect these changes.    Furthermore, the previous set of patches have already been tested by Ed and now only requires some improvements, especially in the format of the code, and it should be ready to be merged with the main Umon sources.
     169* June 30: The patches that I recently submitted creates the base directory for the BBB port, cleans up the uMon sources as well resolving the build process, and provides the first run of removing any irrelevant code and replacing it with those that are specific to the BBB/AM335x.  These patches are finally merged in to the uMon master branch at the RTEMS git repos.  Furthermore, uMon is now building with the RTEMS tools and this is the first step in providing a more controllable and verifiable way of building uMon.  The necessary files are finally incorporated into the uMon master branch that removes uMon's external dependence on the C library provided with the RTEMS toolset.  The next step is to get uMon to boot from a uSD and to push the initial version of DDR3 initialization to the Github repo.
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