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    8484* June 9: This week I have gathered my views on the rtems GPIO API on a blog post and continued to separate the RPI specifics from the generic code. The blog post was announced on the devel-ml yesterday, but I expect it to take a while to have some feedback. At this point the RPI code is almost completely contained on a separate file, and after that I will be adjusting the generic API to reflect the changes mentioned in the blog post regarding API and BSP initilization, and the changes in the interface with an user application.
     86* June 16: I have completely separated the rpi code from the rtems gpio API, and the features mentioned in the last week's blog post are almost all implemented (just need to take care of some details, such as locking the data structure that keeps the GPIO status. Currently only the interrupt management is being protected by a mutex and vector enable/disable). At this time the core of the GPIO API can leave the rpi bsp to somewhere accessible by all BSPs, and may be used by others, so today and in the next very few days I will be finishing/cleaning up/adding documentation to the code, as well as updating the blog/wiki with a developers/user manual so it can be reviewed. While it is being reviewed I can then start to work on the I2C porting to the new framework.
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